Expanding your business capabilities
with advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence.
About company
Brilliant Seed Up Agency is your dependable ally through every stage of AI development, from ideation to realization. We are more than just experts in machine learning; we are a team of professionals dedicated to aiding both emerging companies and established enterprises in deploying advanced AI products to enhance efficiency and propel growth. Under the leadership of our founder, we will bring your ideas to fruition, guiding you through every phase of the project. Our multifaceted experience enables you to craft an innovative product that will elevate your business to new heights.
Why should you choose us?
We will turn your ideas into ready-to-use solutions, guiding you through every stage of the project. Our multifaceted experience will allow you to develop an innovative product that will elevate your business to a new level.
Custom AI Automation Development
We conduct a detailed analysis of the company, its strengths, and weaknesses. We define the goal and tasks of automation and then offer you solutions to the problems.
Turnkey Comprehensive Services
In the process of automating your company, we structure the entire workflow from start to finish: uploading your customer base, optimizing sales department scripts, digitizing the marketing funnel, technical settings of AI assistants, daily support, and training in the use of new technologies for your team.
Continuous Growth
Our experienced professionals constantly implement enhanced versions of AI tools for our clients to guarantee maximum results in the shortest time.
Our Services
We offer a variety of services to develop your company. If you don't find the service you need, we are always ready to meet and discuss how we can assist you.
Creating AI Assistants and Chatbots
Developing personalized AI solutions for automating customer interactions and enhancing service.

  • Instant AI responses to potential customer inquiries increase the likelihood of bookings and visits.
  • AI assistants and chatbots operate 24/7, handling multiple inquiries simultaneously, something unattainable for a human.
Developing AI Marketing and Sales Departments
Integrating AI for data analysis and optimization of marketing and sales strategies.

  • Establishing marketing and sales departments utilizing AI allows for more precise analysis of customer needs and more effective formulation of offers.
Automatic Content Generation and Adaptation
Utilizing AI for creating and adapting content for various platforms and audiences.

  • The content posting and adaptation system allows for easy adaptation of content to different platforms, increasing the reach and engagement of accounts.
  • Automation of content publication reduces the time and effort needed to manage presence on social media.
What Tools Do We Use?
  • AI Zapier Integration
    Content publication across all platforms.
  • AI Chatbots and Assistant
    • Interacts with users, answers questions, and performs tasks using your internal data and APIs, enhancing your sales conversion rate.
    • Creation of Scripts for Sales Messages.
    • Setting up automated dispatches using Chat GPT for your entire client base.
    Connect models like ChatGPT to databases such as Notion, Airtable, or Postgres to gain valuable insights about your organization.
  • AI Content Generation System
    • Generate tags, summaries, and seamlessly transfer styles or formats between social networks, platforms, documents, and data sources.
    Extract information, provide summaries, and answer questions from any document, regardless of its length.
Email: brilliantseedupagency@gmail.com
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