is a comprehensive educational program for all individuals, from entrepreneurs to photographers to students, designed to teach the fundamentals of using the AI
In just 7 days, you can learn how to use AI to make your copywriting tasks faster and more efficient!
Automate any written content with AI in 1 week!
What comes in the Salamander package?

4 blocks

AI copywriting (chatgpt, notion AI, deepl, Wordfixerbot,, neurodub)

  • Generate, automate and manage any type of written content with AI used in a variety of applications.
  • Text + voice over.
  • Translation into any language.

This package is for those who:
  • wants to solve everyday tasks with AI - plan for the day, for the week, budgeting.
  • wants to solve work tasks with the help of AI - reports, data analysis, creation of texts, articles.
  • wants to solve business problems with AI - business plans, headlines, data analytics.

This package gives you the tools to use AI to create a bunch of cool stuff
  • content plans.
  • reports.
  • decompositions.
  • marketing strategies.
  • daily/weekly planning.
  • scriptwriting for viral video reels or for YouTube channels.
  • translations.
  • text correction.
  • paraphrases.
  • even semantic translation.

Whatever copywriting-related task you have in mind, you can do it faster after learning this AI based text processing skill.

As a bonus, You'll get access to a huge library of 600+ AI, which can help you with thousands of different tasks.

This package provides an exclusive lesson on: How to work with AI?
  • How to properly structure prompts that the AI can understand and be able to interpret more efficiently.
  • You will be able to create new commands.
  • Teach the AI how to use these commands and you will be able to use AI to its fullest potential.)

GIFT-block: How to monetize your AI skills.
  • earning options with AI.
  • learn how to create unique services.
  • reduce work time and double your income.
  • marketing with AI services
  • how to create new services/products and sell them.
  • learn how to employ AI in your business promotion and boost your sales.
  • learn tools and channels how to find and close clients.
  • reduce business expenses, hypothesis testing.)

You got an AI Tinder Telegram chat.
  • There you can talk with each other, share your ideas and find out the newest info about all AI progress.

Come join us!

The Salamander Package offers an in-depth GIFT-block on how to monetize the AI skills you have mastered. This insight can help you to significantly expand your current earnings, with an extra $600 per week on top of your main source of income.

  • creating YouTube scripts. (10$-50$ per hour)
  • dubbing videos from English to Spanish. (3000$ for 1 video-project)
  • strategy for brand development. (120$ per hour)
  • Reddit/Twitter posting. ($3.00-$35.00 per hour)
  • manage and strategies social media insta, YouTube. (20$ per hour)
  • creating NOVELS AND SHORT STORIES FOR GROWN-UPS. ($50 to $400 per story)
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