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What comes in the Phoenix package?
This course is designed to build your knowledge and skills in a way that you gradually learn how to work with AI services
As an example, if you are a graphic designer, it is essential to have understanding of the basics of text-based AI. Without this knowledge, it would be impossible to come up with visually appealing designs and prototypes for websites. If you are a marketer, it is essential to have an understanding of the fundamentals of text-based AI. You must be able to craft the correct prompts to accurately express your thoughts and concepts in order to create, edit and style a successful image or video. Thus, it would be detrimental to only focus on AI text or image-generating services.
8 blocks

AI copywriting + Generative image + Generative video
(chatgpt, notion AI, deepl, Wordfixerbot,, neurodub, midjorney, dalle-2, canva, AI avatar Generation,,, Wonderslide,, Kaiber, GEN-1/2, di-d)

  • Generate, automate and manage any type of written content with AI used in a variety of applications.
  • Text + voice over.
  • Translation into any language.
  • Generate images using AI, combining text and images.
  • Enhancing and editing the quality of photos.
  • Generate videos from images.
  • Turning text into videos.
  • Switching up the styles of videos
  • Adding images into videos.

We're going to work with all the ways of using AI in generating text and images.
  • content plans.
  • reports.
  • decompositions.
  • marketing strategies.
  • daily/weekly planning.
  • scriptwriting for viral video reels or for YouTube channels.
  • translations.
  • text correction.
  • paraphrases.
  • even semantic translation.
  • generate studio photos.
  • photo editing.
  • generate unique logos for businesses.
  • generate innovative smartboards for interior design.
  • changing colours in photos.
  • generate unique characters & avatars for business, webinars, courses, social media blogs.
  • building website prototypes.
  • generate awesome presentations
  • setting up IG stories layouts & templates.
  • create a video from the ground up just by using text.
  • translate it to any language you want and get it ready to go.
  • start building your international network in all languages in the world if you've always wanted to.
  • generate reports and learn how to make outstanding commercials, promos for projects, and how to edit them.
  • learn how to put together your own unique combinations of different AI services.
  • create projects to showcase to clients or create them for your own purposes.
  • create your own social media unique character for a faceless successful blog or YouTube Chanel growth.
  • generate fresh ideas for your videos to draw an audience and rack up a ton of views.

This package will give you access to the full list of cutting-edge AI services (text, images, video)

As a bonus: You'll discover over 361 different AI combinations, and you will learn to even create your own unique combinations!

This package provides an exclusive workshop:
  • AI Video editing.
  • 5 blocks.
  • We will be utilizing the editing tools of Inshot, Cap Cut, and Al Motion.
  • Generate and edit ads creatives and commercials.
  • Step-by-step mini-course on editing.

GIFT-block: How to monetize your AI skills.
Comprehensive overview of how to become digital artist with the help of Midjorney as it operates in Discord.
  • earning options with AI.
  • learn how to create unique services.
  • reduce work time and double your income.
  • marketing with AI services.
  • how to create new services/products and sell them.
  • learn how to employ AI in your business promotion and boost your sales.
  • learn tools and channels how to find and close clients.
  • reduce business expenses, hypothesis testing.

You got an AI Tinder Telegram chat.

There you can talk with each other, share your ideas and find out the newest info about all AI progress. Come join us!

The Phoenix Package offers an in-depth GIFT-block on how to monetize the AI skills you have mastered. This tutorial can help you increase your current earnings, with an extra $3,000 per week on top of your main source of income:
  • start your own blog and sell your products on it.(from 10$ to 10000$+ per week)
  • Illustrator rendering. (70$ per hour)
  • creating a character for a business or blog, its animation and image. (40$ per hour)
  • creating your own checklists, e-books, guides and selling on Etsy. (15$ for 1 pc)
possible combinations of AI to use together
distinct areas
The value of Phoenix package is $1,500 but now you have the chance to purchase all bellow materials:
This Package includes feedback & homework verification from the curators
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