from international marketing agency Brilliant Seed Up!
Unlock the power of AI for JUST $0.99 and join us for a fascinating and interactive educational adventure!
Do you want to make twice as much money without having to put in twice the effort? Come to this 30-minute AI workshop and learn how to do it!
The creators of the workshop are the brains behind Brilliant Seed Up, the international marketing agency
Maria Sakovets
The AI expert, Admiral Nova Starlight, will be leading this workshop
Ina Nistoras
We will show you how AI services can be easily integrated into your daily tasks, this tools will reduce the time it takes to complete any task by 50% and boost your income X2
You'll get 3 tutorials to help you learn how to use the most popular AI software's.

Short Tutorial on Using CHATgpt

Tutorial - Image Generation in Midjorney

Instruction for working with

Handbook on creating a prompt

to show you how to generate tasks and prompts for AI services, so anyone, no matter their experience in AI, can use them
You'll find out about 4 interesting tales of people from different backgrounds - from a business owner to a pro photographer - who have added AI to their jobs and have seen their earnings double due to their clever use of AI services
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